Stanley's World Theme Song Lyrics

My Man Stanley TV Theme Song
performed by Baha Men

Musical Interlude
[Yeah ... laughter ... hey]
[Whooah, it's Stanley!]

Do you know a guy who'll talk to a kangaroo? [Hi there]
Who's always ready to learn about something new? [Wow]
Who's favorite book has all the animals you can wish? [croak + roar]
Who's proud to say his best friend is a fish?
That's right - it's my man Stanley

Oh yeah he's my man Stanley
Welcome to Stanley's World [It's Stanley]
Come help him figure out what life is all about [Yeah man]
Who takes ya' swimmin' with dolphins? [Ah, yeah]
Laughs with the lions too? [Cool]
No problem Stan can't solve
If solvin' it involves
Havin' a friend like you [Ahyeee!]

Havin' a friend like you [It's Stanley, It's Stanley]

It's Stanley!
There's Stanley!
It's Stanley [Whoah!]
Musical Interlude