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It's Called A Hustle 350ml Aluminium Cans Bottle

Its Called A Hustle 350ml Aluminium Cans Bottle
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  • Brand:Hamerson
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  • Color:Silver
  • Media:Misc.
  • MPN:-canbottl-silver-HMXG
  • EAN:7106302293188

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  • KEEP YOUR DRINKS COOL: Our premium reusable aluminum can features a Durable, stainless steel build can that can keep your drinks cool! Use over and over and have your favorite drinks always within armâ€TMs reach!
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Our reusable aluminum can, will make cleaning a breeze! Safe to place in the top rack of all dishwashers, gets rid of any cleaning hassle!
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our reusable Can, has a capacity of 350ml and its compact design allows it to be carried everywhere you want! The extra wide mouth makes it ideal for camping, cycling or any sports activities. Furthermore, the materials are 100% BPA-FREE and are safe for continuous use and are not environmentally hazardous.
  • BUY AND SUPPORT THE DESIGNERS: Each purchase matters! With every reusable can you buy, you help and support directly the independent artists that helped create these unique designs! Use our reusable cans, show them off and know you support the right people!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED, AT HAMERSON: Hamerson is a company that can help you find the perfect present, or a multitude of other unique items! Click the Hamerson link just under the item and discover the full range of unique Hamerson products.

Editorial Reviews:
Enjoy Your Favorite Drink Everywhere You Want With Our Reusable Aluminum Can Hamerson now offers you a premium quality Reusable Aluminum Water Can that you can use during any sports activity or for any traveling you do, and have your favorite drinks always available! The Eco Friendly Alternative To Plastic Bottles Donâ€TMt waste any more time and money on plastic bottles that start to smell after some time and are an environmental hazard. Our Reusable can features a 100% BPA-Free stainless steel build that is eco-friendly, and safe for you to keep using for as long as you want. No More Cleaning Hassle The Reusable canâ€TMs design makes it super easy to clean and will save you all the trouble and time in the world! Simply toss it on top rack of your dishwasher and youâ€TMre good to go! A Purchase That Matters We at Hamerson, take great pride in working with amazingly talented artists! With each purchase you make, you directly support the creative minds behind our designs! Help them keep going, and enjoy the unique design on your reusable can! Get On The Bargain Train While You Can! GRAB A BARGAIN with our Special Offers and Product Promotions below for multiple purchases! Click Add To Cart Now And Grab The Bargains While You Can!
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